Passed structural checks against OCDS release package schema version 1.1.
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  • This file contains 1 release describing 1 contracting process
  • The schema version specified in the file is 1.1.
  • The publisher named in the file is Open Data Services Co-operative Limited.
  • The license is http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/pddl/1.0/.
  • Publication policy is https://github.com/open-contracting/sample-data/.
  • Data downloaded from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/open-contracting/sample-data/main/fictional-example/1.1/ocds-213czf-000-00001-02-tender.json on Thursday, 30 March 2023 08:18PM UTC.


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Key Field Information

Initiation Types: tender
  • tender: 1
Planning: 0
Tenders: 1
  • Total Count: 0
  • Unique OCIDs: 0
  • Total Count: 0
  • Unique OCIDs: 0
  • Total Count: 0
  • Unique OCIDs: 0
Earliest release: 15 Mar 2010, 09:30 (UTC)
Latest release: 15 Mar 2010, 09:30 (UTC)

Earliest tender start: 1 Mar 2010, 09:00 (UTC)
Latest tender start: 1 Mar 2010, 09:00 (UTC)

Earliest award:
Latest award:

Earliest contract start:
Latest contract start:

Total Unique Organizations: 1
  • with address details: 0
  • with contact points: 0
  • that have identifiers: 0
  • using schemes:
Organization Roles:
Total Items: 1
Unique Item IDs: 1
Items ID schemes: CPV
Item Types:
  • Tender: 1
  • Award: 0
  • Contract: 0
Languages: en
Currencies: GBP


Part of Contracting Process Count of Docs Document Types
Tender 1
  • tenderNotice: 1

Releases Table:

OCID Release Date Tags Descriptions Purchasers
ocds-213czf-000-00001 15 Mar 2010, 09:30 (UTC) tender
  • Tender Title: Planned cycle lane improvements
  • Tender Description: Tenders solicited for work to build new cycle lanes in the centre of town.
  • Tender Item Description: Cycle lane improvements
  • Buyer: London Borough of Barnet
  • Procuring Entity: London Borough of Barnet

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